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Message from the CEO

Message from the CEO-Chris Jarrett, on the 30th Anniversary of Jartena Apartments Limited

chris-jarrett-CEOUpon reflection of the journey from day one, back in 1982, it gives me a nostalgic feeling about the growth we have undergone as a group. It’s been a humbling experience to have guests who have continually stayed with us throughout these thirty years. I feel honoured to be part of a company celebrating 30 years of service in the tourism sector. It has not been without its challenges. I learned early on that as a hotelier, one must be a diplomat, a democrat, an autocrat, an acrobat and a doormat.   Some of the titles took longer to learn than others.

One of the significant honours is working with family and thereby experiencing the freedom to energize each other by sharing even at odd moments, fresh thinking or innovative ideas.  For this I’m extremely grateful and extend a special thank you.

As part of our growth  and in continuation of our look at creating sustainable ways to add value to our product and by extension our customers, we several years ago decided to spread our wings to Montego Bay where our sister hotel Altamont West is located.  Through this expansion and development, as well as other recent improvements at Altamont Court, including the recent addition of a gym, boardroom and new meeting room, we continue to respond to the changing demands and expectations of our customers. It is powerful to get direct exposure to ideas from beyond our boardroom.

As we pause to celebrate this milestone, I take time to recognise all our staff members who have worked assiduously over the years, notably our two longest serving employees, Carmen and Spree who opened our doors with us. Your contributions have not gone unnoticed. Thank you. Without you all we could not have made it this far and with your continued service we expect to make it another thirty years and beyond. 
The Altamont family thanks our customers for your support and our opportunity to serve you and invite others unfamiliar with us, to experience our restaurant and rooms at your home in the hub.