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Message from the Chairman, Terence A. A. Jarrett OD.

A thirty-year anniversary should be reason to celebrate. It should also be a time to reflect, introspect and project.

In looking back over the years I must firstly thank the Almighty God for his blessings and miracles bestowed on us. I would like to acknowledge with thanks all the persons who have contributed to the growth and success of this enterprise... my wife Ena, who when we began this course, resigned her job as secretary in the department of Pharmacology at U.W.I., my children for their loyalty and support, our banker of over 30 years-National Commercial Bank Ja. Ltd., every employee past and present, every client/customer past and present, friends and well-wishers.

Operating as we have over possibly the most tumultuous period (social, economic and financial) in recent history, we are proud to have survived the challenges and some sleepless nights.

The hospitality business of which we are a part is a constant work-in-progress with constant renewals and upgrading to remain current and relevant. Our several nominations and awards attest to this fact.

Our development has been slow but steady, having grown from 12 rooms at a single location to 89 rooms in two locations with all the amenities of our peers and competitors. We have stayed true to our principles of honesty and Terence Jarrett, Chairman, Altamont Court Hotel, Kingstonintegrity and continue to be aware of the needs of our stakeholders and the wider community.

As we proceed to the next decade and having passed the baton to Christopher Jarrett as CEO, I am confident that our survival is in good hands and we can therefore, with God’s help, look to the future with confidence.

Terence A. A. Jarrett OD.

Message from the Hon Portia Simpson-Miller, Prime Minister of Jamaica



Many significant Jamaican businesses have not only emerged from strong family inputs, but are sustained through such efforts and the commitment to build on the foundations laid by the forebears. Such is the history of Jartena Apartments – the product of Terence Jarrett, OD and his partner in life, Ena, which is a showcase of this valuable tradition.
For 30 years, Jartena Apartments Ltd. has successfully operated the Altamont Court in Kingston and also the Altamont West in Montego Bay for six years, which are respectable and cherished members of the business community in the cities in which they operate. Today, another generation guided by this fine tradition steers the further achievements to this important family-owned business.
I commend the vision of the founders of Jartena Apartments Ltd, and the efforts and contributions of every member of the team, to the success of this enterprise. Through these business ventures, you have earned the respect of your peers in the hospitality and tourism industry and the admiration of the wider business community, both locally and internationally. For this, I offer my congratulations on having received such notable awards as those from the Private Sector of Jamaica; the Bureau of Standards; the Jamaica Chamber of Commerce and the New Millennium Award by the Trade Leaders' Club of Madrid, Spain.
As you celebrate the proud achievements of these thirty years in business, be assured that this government is committed to creating an economic and social environment to ensure that more businesses can grow from a family dream to a solid corporate reality and a successful business venture.
Every blessing on this milestone and I wish for you continued success for next thirty years and beyond.


The Most Hon. Portia Simpson Miller
Prime Minister of Jamaica

30TH Anniversary Congratulatory Message from Tourism & Entertainment Minister, Hon. Dr. Wykeham McNeill



As the Minister of Tourism and Entertainment, I would like to extend my sincere congratulations to Jartena Apartments Limited, owners of the Altamont Court and Altamont West hotels, as they celebrate their 30th anniversary. This is indeed a significant achievement and Jartena has much to be proud of in this milestone.
Altamont Court Hotel and the more recent Altamont West Hotel offer the kind of service and warm hospitality that visitors to our shores have come to expect and appreciate when they visit Jamaica. Over the years you have catered to tourists and business travelers alike, offering both leisure and conference facilities wrapped up in a unique package.
I’m sure that the celebration of Jartena’s 30th anniversary is made all the more memorable as it coincides with an important milestone for our nation - the celebration of our 50th anniversary of independence. It is with pride that we as a nation reflect on
our achievements to date while looking ahead to many more in the future; a goal that is made all the more realizable with the existence of outstanding organizations like Jartena, that are able to stand the test of time.
I commend the organization’s owners prime among them Mr. Terrence Jarrett and his sons Christopher and Donahue, for their dedication over the years and their contribution to Jamaica’s vibrant tourism sector. I also laud the staff of this fine institution – both past and present, for their hard work and dedication, and for contributing to the growth and development of this excellent organization. We at the Ministry of Tourism and Entertainment are extremely proud to have you as tourism partners and look forward to celebrating more milestones with you in the future.

Hon. Dr. Wykeham McNeill
Minister of Tourism and Entertainment


Message from JCC President, Francis Kennedy

The Jamaica Chamber of Commerce (JCC) is pleased to recognize the achievements of its member firm, Altamont Court Hotel on the celebration of the 30th Anniversary of its parent company, Jartena Apartments Limited. In particular, we wish to salute the business acumen of the Jarrett family which, 30 years ago, seized the moment and began to put in place the infrastructure that today comprises the well-known Altamont Court and Altamont West hotels.
It is no accident that the two hotels have been recipients of both local and international awards for excellence in service delivery.
As boutique properties, they have developed and have continuously modified and upgraded a package of offerings that have proved popular with a faithful, diverse, and constantly expanding clientele.
The Jarrett family reflects the best tradition of entrepreneurship worldwide: the ability to see – and seize - opportunities where others only see –and shy away from - obstacles. It is from such examples that the JCC derives its conviction that our nation can make the long hoped for transformation into a country that lives up to its fullest potential.
We salute your growth and we are confident that as rewarding as the past 30 years have been, your best years lie ahead.

Francis Kennedy
Jamaica Chamber of Commerce

30th Anniversary Congratulatory Message from president of the PSOJ, Mr Christopher Zacca

It is with great pleasure that The Private Sector Organisation of Jamaica salutes Jartena Apartments Limited, owner and operator of the Altamont Court Hotel in Kingston and Altamont West in Montego Bay, on its 30th anniversary.
Since inception, both Altamont Court and the recently refurbished Altamont West have grown to be very popular especially among business travellers who appreciate the quiet surroundings and the practical and efficient amenities both hotels offer.

We are proud of the Altamont Court Hotel on being the recipient of the New Millennium Award in the 32nd International Award for Tourist, Hotel, and Catering Industry as awarded by the Trade Leaders Club in Madrid, Spain, in 2007. Such a prestigious award is a testament to the dedication and hard work of both management and staff, who work to ensure that both Altamont Court Hotel and Altamont West, remain the preferred choice among all categories of travellers.
Also in 2007, Altamont West received the PSOJ’s Job Creation Awards, and as a valued PSOJ member, we applaud the company for its consistent efforts in reducing unemployment through job creation. As one of the approximately 80 family owned businesses participating in The PSOJ/IDB’s Fambiz Project, the Jartena Apartments Limited, managed by the Jarrett family, has been among the few that has been able to survive the many challenges associated with managing a successful family business. We congratulate the Jarrett family, who were a 2008 Observer Business Leader nominee for their achievements as a family business, and we look forward to the family’s continued participation and contribution to the tourism and hospitality industry.

The PSOJ celebrates this incredible 30th anniversary milestone and wishes Jartena Apartments Limited continued success as it transitions into another decade of achievements.


Christopher Zacca
President, Private Sector Organisation of Jamaica